How Changing Careers Can Enhance Life

Most people select career choices in their teens. They either have little choice and join a family business, or they pick a trade school or university path. A trade or major is declared, and courses are taken accordingly. While a major can be altered most are not. The next four years are spend studying or learning the trade of interest.

After School

Jobs in chosen careers are found and the process of working up the ladder begins. At this point people are so busy trying to make an impression at work and seeking management opportunities that they rarely take a minute to decide if the job is living up to expectations. Does that charge nurse really want to spend twelve-hour shifts checking the work of other nurses? Is the executive fulfilled attending meetings and making stressful decisions every day? Sometimes the answer is no.


In most careers the higher the position, the less time people get to spend doing what drew them to that job in the first place. The nurse wanted to work with patients, not push paper. The executive wanted to work on innovative projects as part of a team. Both people are successful in the traditional sense of career paths and upward mobility, but have they happy with their careers? Success measured by the standards of society does not always mean success in living life according to personal goals.

The Difference between a Rut and the Wrong Career Choice

It is easy for schedules to get mundane periodically and interest to wane. Thar is a rut. It can typically be alleviated by a vacation or a new challenge in the same career. Dislike for the job, dreading shifts, or total lack of motivation can be signs that the career is not suitable anymore.

When this occurs, people can elect to remain miserable until death or retirement, or they can make some changes and enjoy life again. It is never too late to begin a new career. The easiest way to do that is to seek out Career Coaching Services. These will help people select new career opportunities, discover what type of jobs suit their interests and skills, and build strategies for the process.

Components of Services

Career Coaching is done by a certified professional and will include several components. A career assessment is usually the first step in the process. This provides insights into what jobs align with desires, talents, and personality traits. Exploration into industries where skills will transfer well is another component. A project manager, for example, has skills that can be used in starting a small business.

Other Services include interviewing techniques, salary negotiation strategies, and support through the process of changing careers. Some people will need a professional Resume Writer to highlight relevant experiences. Others may need guidance in navigating questions regarding employment gaps. An experienced provider, such as APEX Career Services, will offer several services to accommodate needs.